About the Course
Classes are once a week for 2 hours. Duration of course is 13 weeks. The course is integrated in four different levels.

Course 1- Verbs and Present Tense
Course 1 lays the foundation for the course. You will learn social protocol, the most common verbs combining them with the practical verbs: Necesitar (Need), Querer (Want), Poder (Can), Ir (Going To), Tener (Have to) and Gustar (Like). It also incorporates common and practical vocabulary words to enhance conversation capabilities. No Requirement

Course 2-Past Tense and Object Pronouns
Course 2 takes you to the practical and functional status so you can communicate about past events. It teaches the use of Direct and Indirect Object pronouns, the Past tense and integration of Present Tense using the Power Verbs and Past Tense. Present Tense or Course 1 is required.

Course 3-More Tenses
This course is divided in 3A and 3B.
This level takes you into the conversational level so you can begin to express your personality and through patterns in Spanish. When this level is complete, you will know how to communicate using the 7 tenses. It teaches 6 tenses and integrates the 7 indicative tenses. Knowledge of the Past Tense and Object Pronouns, or Class 1 and 2 are required.

Course 4-Subjunctive and Conversation
In this course you will learn the Subjunctive tense, more grammar and integration of all the tenses. This is mainly a conversation group that allows more speaking practice to students. All tenses or Course 3 is required.

Advance Course
Conversation course where you will learn more grammar, expressions, verbs and vocabulary.