• Corporate Training
  • Consulting
  • Group Classes
  • Translations
  • Individual Training (Private lessons)
  • Tutoring and Spanish Placement Test Preparation
  • Remote Instruction
  • Children’s classes

Corporate Training
We customize our standard training to meet your company needs. We understand
each sector of business has specific needs and we help you reach those goals.
Customer service, employee training, business travel, food service, education,
technology or any other sector. Classes are held at your location for convenience.

Create communications liaisons, implement existing documents, web site, forms,
assist small business to target products or services into the Hispanic market.

Group Classes
Group classes following our standard methodology. The group will meet once a week
for 2 hours. Students will learn to converse, read and write in an effective, easy and
fun way.

Advertisement, documents, manuals, marketing materials, training manuals, web
sites, and more.

Individual Training (Private lessons)
Hourly fee. (Standard methodology or specialized) Packages available.

Tutoring and Spanish Placement Test Preparation
Hourly fee. Packages available.
Remote Instruction
Hourly fee. Packages available.