“The classes I have taken at Language Synergy are a lot of fun, and I have learned a lot. The materials are excellent. Many Spanish classes for adults often don’t push the students to speak, but Martha really focuses on conversation, both listening and speaking. I recently returned from an extended trip to Mexico, and I was very pleased with my increased confidence in speaking. I highly recommend Language Synergy to anyone who desires to learn Spanish”. Elizabeth Thomson, Retired

“I love studying under Martha, she is a devoted teacher.  She thrives to meet each student at their level and encourages learning in a fun and exciting environment”.
Sherry Anderson -Pilot, United Airlines

“Martha has assembled an excellent methodology for acquiring the Spanish Language. After completing 2 levels of her course my degree of satisfaction has prompted me to enroll in level 3. If you are considering Spanish as a second language, give Language Synergy a look”. Sherman Anderson -Pilot, US Airways

“I have wanted to learn Spanish since I moved to Phoenix four years ago.  I finally got up the courage to start and I made a great decision by joining Martha Silva’s classes.  Martha is a wonderful teacher – patient but demanding.  In a small group we support each other and keep pushing forward.  I am getting ready to start the third level and then I am determined to become a Spanish speaker. “ Jayne Marecek -Founder, Wilder, Wiser Wealthier Women’s Network

“I have been very impressed with my learning experience and I am excited to start on level 3!  I travel to a Panama every couple of months and I am excited to be able to understand more and more each time I go.  I love the comfortable class size and attitude that allows a person to learn and practice in a relaxed manner.  I have taken other Spanish classes in the past without much success.  I feel the difference with this system is in the method and classroom materials  approach to teaching in a simple and repetitive manner.  I have recommended this program to several of my friends who are equally as delighted.” Sandra Hazelrigg  -Central America Property Manager

“I was very pleased with the structure of the class and how it gives you confidence in using the language. I went from no Spanish to being able to understand basic conversations, and to be able to communicate basic ideas and needs in one class. During my two week trip to Panama I was surprised how much I could understand and was able to order in restaurants and get basic information. I am looking forward to moving on to the next level.” Dallas Bergh -Project Manager,Intel